Quik Hinges Reviews

Just got my hinges yesterday and they are excellent quality all around! Will be painting and installing over the winter months.
I plan to share pix when I have some, but they look to be very well thought out and manufactured…definitely Cruiser worthy!!

:cheers: – 1Fine40

Guys these will definitely be worth the wait. They look awesome.

Great product. Great guy with a regular life and family that comes before these.

The hardest part is production and that part is handled. – DomSmith

Way to go! These things work AWESOME! –

A superior product for a fair price (i have two sets). So quick and easy now to change between hard doors and tube doors. – 1911

Matthew, [these are] great, I think I have one of your first sets from years ago. They were build well then and still work great, glad to see you’re back doing them again. – mybluetoy

These things are awesome. Such a great design and idea. Couldn’t pick a nicer guy to do business with!! – landcruisnman

Still loving mine! Great product! – apeterson