Quik Hinges Installation

Download the Instructions here

Here are some tips from customers:

Late Model FJ40

Installed mine. Haven’t addressed the seal around the hinges yet. I got a good alignment on the passenger door (74 doors on a 76 body, so it’s tricky). Still need a driver’s door seal to confirm it’s alignment, but it looks okay. On the diver’s side, I only removed the headlight switch for more access for the hinge installation. I used a dremel to clean up the light rust under the original hinges. These hinges should have been the factory design.  – hobbes

Some notes after my install on the ’64 FST:

a.) These hinges are the bomb for an FST! Way better than the factory’s quick remove hinges.
b.) The 12mm ratchet wrench is the preferred tool for the early rigs as well as for the later rigs.
c.) There is a lot more room behind the dash on the early 40s. I had no trouble at all reaching in to get the top hinge plate on the driver’s side started. The worst on the early trucks is the upper on the passenger side, having to work through the side of the glove box as well as from underneath. But even that was not all that difficult. – oregon fj

When I tried to install the infamous passenger side hinge, I tried several times a day for days and couldn’t get but one bolt in. Finally, I tried a level on the hinge and on the second or third attempt I got the bolt in. I guess what I thought was level wasn’t.  – mtquivr